Tuesday, July 12, 2016
The Season is Over - Finally!
After many weeks of rainouts and postponements due to electrical issues, we finally wrapped up the season last night.

Last night's games were makeups for the night the lights didn't work, so only the Goodfellas had games to play.

In the first game, Goodfellas offensive woes continued as they fell 11-5 to LSC Redeemed. Their bats finally woke up in Game two as they played a solid game and beat SECOC 10-6.

Tournament will be next week. Schedule will be updated as soon as I see that they posted it.

Stats Highlights for Goodfellas
Best Batting Avg (one game only): David Charles - 1.000
Best Batting Avg: JP - .800
Best Slugging Pct: Jacob - 1.167
Most RBIs: Larry - 3
NO Home Runs
The ONLY Triple: Jacob
Doubles: Brett (2), JP (1), Jacob (1), Greg (1), Taki (1)
Most Runs Scored: Jacob - 3
Walks: Greg (2), Taki (1)
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