Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Four Close Games, 3 Wins for FBCF
On a night when the temperature was trying very hard to make it feel like Fall is actually here, FOTS started slow against Shadycrest Baptist. At one point Shadycrest was up 12-4, but FOTS fought back, scoring 9 runs in the last two innings to win 13-12 on a walk-off single by Nathan.

FOTS then battled the A-Men, this time FOTS jumped out to a 12-3 lead. A-men slowly crept back into the game and eventually tied it 12-12. In their final at bat, FOTS came out strong. A walk and 2 consecutive singles setup Nathan "Line Drive" Lilley with the bases loaded and nobody out. Victory seemed certain. Nathan blasted a hard shot down the first base line, but the first baseman made a great play, tagged first and threw home in time to get the runner. As quickly as things looked certain, now there were two outs with runners on second and third. In only his second week with the team, Zach once again played the role of hero as he laced a game winning single for another 13-12 victory.

Goodfellas started off their night against Hope Lutheran with two doubles then promptly followed them up with 6 outs in a row! After three innings it was 9-4 in favor of Hope Lutheran. Goodfellas put up 4 in the top of the fourth to pull within 1 run with only 4 minutes left on the clock. After allowing a full count to the first batter, Perry pitched masterfully and the Goodfellas got 3 outs with less than a minute left to buy themselves another at-bat. They took advantage of the opportunity, scoring 5 runs to take a four run lead 13-9. Now they just had to hold on as Hope Lutheran got their last at-bat. The defense played great and got out of the inning for the win!

Finally, Goodfellas were facing The Rounders. It was a defensive battle the entire game. The biggest scoring outburst was 4 runs by The Rounders in the top of the second inning. After that, Goodfellas held them scoreless the next 3 innings. Unfortunately, Goodfellas bats weren't exactly popping either! After five innings it was 5-2 Rounders. In the top of the sixth, The Rounders got one more run to make it 6-2 and now Goodfellas were down to their final at-bat as the home team. With one out and two runners on, Groux blasted a triple to score them both. Then Perry fired off an RBI single to pull Goodfellas within one. But that would be the last of the scoring as they finished out the inning with two fielder's choices sandwiched around a single. Rounders win a close one, 6-5.

Stats Highlights for FOTS
Best Batting Avg: Matt M - .857
Best Slugging Pct: Matt M - 1.143
Most RBIs: Nathan - 8
NO Home Runs
The ONLY Triple: Matt M
Most Doubles: Nathan - 3
Most Runs Scored: Nelson - 6
Walks: Nelson, Matt M, Moe - 1 each

Stats Highlights for Goodfellas
Best Batting Avg: Brett - .857
Best Slugging Pct: Brett - 1.714
Most RBIs: Groux - 5
NO Home Runs
Triples: Groux, Brett - 2 each
Most Doubles: Brett, Matthew - 2 each
Most Runs Scored: Brett, Matthew - 4 each
NO Walks
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014
FBCF Fares Much Better in Week 2
FOTS led off the night against SE Church of Christ - last season's tournament winners. It was a great game! FOTS jumped out to a decent lead only to see SECOC whittle it down in the later innings. In the end FOTS withstood the attack, getting the final out and preserving a one run victory.

Goodfellas then played Team Nike, one of the top 3 or 4 teams in the league. It ended up being a 6 inning barn burner! No team held more than a one run lead until Goodfellas took a 2 run lead after 5. Goodfellas were able to add some insurance runs, scoring 3 in the top of the sixth and needing to hold on for the victory with no time left on the clock. Goodfellas narrowly escaped as Nike scored 3 but then stalled - Goodfellas win 9-7.

The final game was another classic showdown between the two FBCF teams. Goodfellas were once again visitors (dadgum coin flip!) and scored 3 runs in their first at-bat to get things going. FOTS responded with a run of their own and then neither team could get any scoring in the second inning. Goodfellas pounced in the third, scoring 4 runs to go up 7-1. But FOTS bounced right back with 5 runs of their own to get within 1. The fourth inning was another goose egg for both teams and time ran out between innings setting up a final inning showdown. Goodfellas were unable to capitalize as they put up no insurance runs. FOTS came up with their last chance and promptly found themselves with two outs. Matt V kept hope alive with a single, then Moe followed up with a single of his own. With 2 runners on, newcomer Zach blasted a line drive to right center. Matt V scored the tying run easily and then Mason (running for Moe) was able to score the winning run as Goodfellas made a couple of bad throws. FOTS wins 8-7!

Stats Highlights for FOTS
Best Batting Avg: Matt V, Zach - .833
Best Slugging Pct: Nathan - 1.600
Most RBIs: Zach - 8
The ONLY Home Run: Nathan
NO Triples
Most Doubles: Zach, Matt M, Nelson - 2 each
Most Runs Scored: Matt V - 4
Most Walks: Matt M, Moe - 2 each

Stats Highlights for Goodfellas
Best Batting Avg: Greg - 1.000
Best Slugging Pct: Groux - 2.000
Most RBIs: JP, Stan - 4 each
The ONLY Home Run: Groux
Triples: Groux, Mike - 1 each
The ONLY Double: Groux
Most Runs Scored: Groux - 4
NO Walks
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Monday, September 15, 2014
FBCF Struggles as Fall Season Opens
The Fall Season got fired up last Monday night amidst a maelstrom of mosquitoes!

Fellowship of the Swing kicked things off against the Rounders. FOTS struggled to find their hitting groove after the month long layoff and could only muster 3 runs in a losing effort. They bounced back mightily in their second game with every player getting at least 4 plate appearances. FOTS soundly defeated Hope Lutheran 15-7.

Goodfellas offense sputtered in game 1 against the SE Church of Christ and then downright deserted them in game 2 against the A-Men. Against SECOC, it was a close game most of the way. Batting as the visitors in their last at-bat, Goodfellas needed 3 runs to tie and could only come up with 1 as they lost 11-9. Then the bats disappeared as Goodfellas couldn't even scrape up a single run in a 13-0 defeat at the hands of the A-Men.

More games tonight, including the first FBCF showdown of the season.

Stats Highlights for FOTS
Best Batting Avg: Robeau - .857
Best Slugging Pct: Matt M - 1.167
Most RBIs: Nelson - 4
NO Home Runs
Triples: Robeau, Nathan, Matt M - 1 each
Doubles: Nathan, Matt M - 1 each
Most Runs Scored: Matt M, Nelson - 3 each
Walks: Ben, Colton, Moe - 1 each

Stats Highlights for Goodfellas
Best Batting Avg (single game): Taylor, Brett - 1.000
Best Batting Avg (both games): Sumrall, JP - .750
Best Slugging Pct: Brett - 1.500
Most RBIs: Taylor, Brett - 2 each
NO Home Runs
The ONLY Triple: Sumrall
Doubles: Greg, Brett, JP - 1 each
Most Runs Scored: Sumrall, JP - 2 each
NO Walks
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