Wednesday, June 04, 2014
It's Official - We're in the Friendswood Church League
Both Goodfellas and Fellowship of the Swing are officially registered to play in the Friendswood City Church League on Monday nights. Season is set to start on 6/16. The official schedule and standings will be posted at Team Sideline. I will still update the schedule and standings here as well as the stats.

NOTICE that they have a Rainout Hotline: 281-996-3358. Determination of field condition will not be made until two (2) hours prior to game start time.

Please go check out the rules - Friendswood City League Rules

It is pretty much standard ASA with no stealing in the church league. Note that they have a section near the bottom with a few extras for church league.

A couple of other notes:

  • We'll need everyone to pay in CASH this year because we need to pay the umps each week. Fee is still $35
  • Everyone on the team MUST wear the same color shirt. We've put in as light grey for both of our teams, so the team shirts we had made last year will be the "official uniform" for both teams. There are still plenty available for $10 each. Anyone not wearing the same color is considered a pick up player even if they are on the roster.
  • Any bat not on the banned list is legal - Banned Bat List
  • The ball is 52 core 300 compression, it is softer than what we've been using.
  • At bats start at 0-0. A foul on third strike is an out
  • Strike calls are subjective, no black mat

  • Let's get some batting practice in this Sunday!
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