Saturday, November 16, 2013
FOTS Wins It All....Again!
The Fall FOTS team was not to be denied this year, although the Goodfellas gave them a good run in the tournament (Goodfellas were the only team to beat FOTS this year, doing it twice). The final championship game actually went the distance, a full 7 innings!

The day started at 8am in the fog. Goodfellas were taking on Clear Lake Baptist. It was a well contested game until the fourth inning when Goodfellas dropped 6 runs to pull away with it. The final was 15-7.

Next up, FOTS took on Baybrook Baptist. FOTS started out on fire, scoring 10 runs in the first inning and 5 more in the second all while holding Baybrook scoreless. Baybrook finally put up some runs in the top of the third, scoring 4, but FOTS just answered with 4 of their own for the 19-4 run-rule victory.

This setup the first of 3 meetings between FOTS and Goodfellas on the day. Neither team was particularly hot and the game actually went 6 innings. The Goodfellas had three goose-egg innings and that was their downfall in an 11-6 loss.

Down in the loser's bracket, CLB had eliminated Baybrook to setup a rematch with Goodfellas. It was another low scoring affair and another 6 inning game for Goodfellas. After five innings CLB led 8-7. Goodfellas played some great defense and held CLB scoreless setting up their final at-bat. Steve (subbing playing for us from the Baybrook team) led off with a single. Chris followed with a double but Steve had to hold up at third. Then in a bizarre finish, Bruce made an out but as CLB tried to get the ball in to hold the runners, they were off target...twice. While they were slinging the ball everywhere, Steve and Chris scored to win the game 9-8.

Now the championship game(s). After sitting out 2 games, FOTS came out flat. They could not seem to string together any hits and as a result had their lowest scoring output of the season. Goodfellas took advantage and forced the "if" game with a 15-6 victory.

The grand finale was indeed just that - it was a really good game. Both teams sputtered out of the gate and Goodfellas led 2-0 after 2 innings. The FOTS dropped 7 in the top of the third to put the pressure on while Goodfellas laid another goose-egg in the bottom half of the inning. Over the next four innings Goodfellas slowly crept back into it, scoring 4 in the fourth and 2 in the fifth while holding FOTS to 0 and 1 respectively making it 8-8 after five innings. Both teams scored zero in the sixth setting up a seventh inning showdown for all the marbles. After a leadoff out, Nathan blasted FOTS' third home run of the game to take a one run lead, and that was all hey would get as the next two batter went down without a hit. So it was a one run lead in the final at-bat with Goodfellas bringing the top of the lineup to the plate. They could not get it done. A lead-off single was followed by a fly-out and then a double play to end the game and crown FOTS as tourney champs.

2013 was a fun year for FBCF softball. Both our teams were competitive and finished the year with back-to-back sweeps of the league and tourney championships between the two of them. Hope everyone enjoys their holidays and gets rested up and ready for next year.












Stats Highlights for FOTS
Best Batting Avg: Robeau - 1.000
Best Batting Avg played in ALL games: Cody - .833
Best Slugging Pct: Robeau - 1.571
Most RBIs: Nathan - 7
Home Runs: Matt M (2), Nathan (2), Quinton (1), Mason (1), Robeau (1), Dustin from CLB (1)
Triples: Cody (2), Matt M (1), Nathan (1), Quinton (1)
Most Doubles: Cody, Nathan - 3 each
Most Runs Scored: Cody, Quinton - 7 each
Most Walks: Ben - 6!!

Stats Highlights for Goodfellas
Best Batting Avg: Steve from BB - 1.000
Best Batting Avg played in ALL games: Chris - .692
Best Slugging Pct: David, Mike - 1.800
Most RBIs: David - 11
Home Runs: David (4), JP (1), Ball (1), Greg (1), Mike (1), Steve from BB (1), Chris (1)
Triples: Greg (2), David (1), JP (1), Perry (1), Taylor (1)
Most Doubles: Chris - 4
Most Runs Scored: Ben - 8
The ONLY Walk: Greg
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Season Ends, FOTS League Champs
Technically, FOTS could have probably been declared league champs several weeks ago as nobody else was even close in matching their record.

FOTS took care of Baybrook Baptist in their first game of the night, putting up 9 runs in the second inning and never looking back en route to a 14-5 victory. Next up, Goodfellas handled Clear Lake Baptist 13-6.

The last two games of the night between FOTS and Goodfellas were both interesting in their own way. In the first game, Goodfellas tagged FOTS with their first loss of the season in a nail biter. For the first 4 innings it was a defensive struggle as neither offense could get it going. Going into the 5th inning it was 4-3 in favor of FOTS. Then Goodfellas busted out with 6 runs in the top of the fifth to take a 9-4 lead. FOTS rally came up one run short as Goodfellas stole one 9-8.

In the second game, FOTS found their swing and re-established their dominance with a 25 run outburst, dominating Goodfellas in a 25-12 finale.

Probably the highlight of the night was seeing Warren crank not just one, but two balls over the heads of the outfielders. The first one was a one hopper to the hill that he legged out for the second double of his career. Nice job Warren!

Stats Highlights for FOTS
Best Batting Avg: Nelson, Quinton - .900
Best Slugging Pct: Quinton - 1.900
Most RBIs: Nathan - 12
Home Runs: Nathan (3), Quinton (2), Mason (2), Nelson (2), Dwayne (1), Robeau (1), Alan (1)
Triples: Dwayne, Mason, Quinton - 1 each
Doubles: Quinton (2), Dwayne (1), Robeau (1), Nathan (1)
Most Runs Scored: Nelson, Quinton - 7 each
Walks: Ben, Dwayne, Matt V, Nelson, Quinton - 1 each

Stats Highlights for Goodfellas
Best Batting Avg: JP - 1.000
Best Slugging Pct: David - 2.571
Most RBIs: David - 8
Home Runs: David (3), JP (2), Ball (1), Stan (1), Greg (1)
Triples: Greg, David, Ball, Taki - 1 each
Doubles: JP, David, Greg, Stan, Warren
Most Runs Scored: David - 6
Most Walks: Taki - 2

SEASON Stats Highlights for FOTS (min 10 PA)
Best Batting Avg: Nathan - .833
Best Slugging Pct: Mason - 1.702
Most RBIs: Mason - 32
Most Home Runs: Mason - 12
Most Triples: Mason, Quinton - 3 each
Most Doubles: Quinton - 5
Most Runs Scored: Quinton - 26
Most Walks: Quinton - 5
TEAM Batting Avg - .652
TEAM Slugging Pct - 1.132
TEAM Runs per Game - 15.7
TEAM Home Runs per Game - 3.5
TEAM Walks per Game - 1.6

SEASON Stats Highlights for Goodfellas (min 10 PA)
Best Batting Avg: David - .815
Best Slugging Pct: Mike - 1.833
Most RBIs: David - 23
Most Home Runs: David - 8
Most Triples: Greg - 3
Most Doubles: Greg - 3
Most Runs Scored: David - 19
Most Walks: Taki - 5
TEAM Batting Avg - .594
TEAM Slugging Pct - 1.012
TEAM Runs per Game - 11.9
TEAM Home Runs per Game - 2.8
TEAM Walks per Game - 1.2
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Tuesday, November 05, 2013
Games Rained Out....Again
Last night's season finale triple header was rained out. The games have been postponed to next week, 11/11. The schedule has been updated to reflect this. Tourney is still scheduled for Saturday 11/16 at Baybrook field.
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