Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Goodfellas Split, FOTS Continues to Dominate
Goodfellas kicked off Monday night with a tight one against Clear Lake Baptist. CLB got off to a good start with 5 runs in the top of the first, but Goodfellas answered with 8 runs of their own. After that it was pretty tight throughout and after 4 innings it was 13-12 in the Goodfellas favor. As the home team, Goodfellas needed to hold, and that's exactly what they did, keeping CLB from scoring to hang on for the win.

Next up was another Goodfellas vs. FOTS battle. FOTS kept the pressure on from the very beginning, scoring 5 runs in each of their first 3 innings. Goodfellas could never catch up but at least made it respectable as FOTS got the victory 15-11.

FOTS capped the night with a 10-0 victory over Baybrook Baptist.

Stats Highlights for Goodfellas
Best Batting Avg: Sumrall, Mike, Taylor - .833
Best Slugging Pct: Mike, David - 1.667
Most RBIs: David, Ball - 5 each
Home Runs: JP (2), Ball (2), David (2), Greg (1), Mike (1)
Triples: Mike, Sumrall - 1 each
Doubles: Greg, Sumrall - 1 each
Most Runs Scored: David, Mike - 4 each
Most Walks: Taylor - 2

Stats Highlights for FOTS
Best Batting Avg: Matt V, Nathan - 1.000
Best Slugging Pct: Cole - 2.000
Most RBIs: Cole - 8
Home Runs: Cole (2), Matt M (2), Mason (1), Dwayne (1)
Triples: Mason, Nathan - 1 each
The ONLY Double: Matt V
Most Runs Scored: Matt M - 5
Most Walks: Quinton - 2
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Monday, September 23, 2013
Late Update, Games Tonight
Last Monday, both FBCF teams were in action with a couple of blowouts and a couple of hotly contested battles.

Goodfellas started off by run-ruling Baybrook Baptist 15-0. FOTS followed suit in a 14-2 victory. Then Clear Lake Baptist took advantage of some good hitting as well as a few "Home Run Outs" by Goodfellas as CLB came away with a 13-11 victory. The final game of the night was a battle to the finish as FOTS pulled of the victory in their final at-bat by a score of 16-15.

Assuming the field is playable and it doesn't rain today, both teams should be back in action tonight starting at 6:30. Hopefully we'll get the full schedule tonight so it can be updated on the site.

Stats Highlights for Goodfellas
Best Batting Avg: Mike, JP - 1.000
Best Slugging Pct: Mike - 2.250
Most RBIs: Sumrall - 6
Home Runs: Mike, Sumrall, Greg, David, Perry - 1 each
Triples: Perry, Stan
Doubles: Mike (2), Greg (1), Perry (1), Taylor (1)
Most Runs Scored: Mike - 4

Stats Highlights for FOTS
Best Batting Avg: Greg, Mason - 1.000
Best Slugging Pct: Mason - 2.167
Most RBIs: Matt M - 8
Home Runs: Mason (2), Matt M (2), Nelson (1), Dwayne (1), Greg (1)
Triples: Dwayne, Greg, Matt M, Matt V - 1 each
Doubles: Dwayne, Greg, Mason, Quinton - 1 each
Most Runs Scored: Dwayne, Greg, Mason, Nelson - 4 each
NO Walks!
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Friday, September 13, 2013
Fall Season Underway...sort of
This past Monday was to be the kickoff of our Fall season, but a technical issue with the lights at the field caused it to be a one game night for your FBCF teams. FOTS beat Clear Lake in the first game of the night before it became obvious there were issues with the lights. The remaining FBCF games from the evening were postponed and the schedule will be updated as soon as it is given to us.
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