Tuesday, June 25, 2013
3 Blowouts and a Tie
Goodfellas played 2 games against League City Church of Christ #2 and both games were blowout victories. Game 1 was 24-2 and game 2 was 27-5. The highlight of the games was Mike going 4 for 4 - ALL HOME RUNS - in his first 4 at-bats!

FOTS played Clear Lake Baptist and also had great success in a 13-1 victory for their first game.

The last game of the night was definitely the best. FOTS played League City Church of Christ #1, a matchup of two of the best teams in the league. FOTS got off to a great start, scoring 6 runs in the first inning. LCCC1 answered with 3. FOTS was only able to put up 2 more in the second while LCCC1 put up another 3 spot to make it 8-6 after 2 innings. Things got interesting in the third, FOTS only mustered a single run and gave up 6 to LCCC1 so going into the fourth and final inning it was 12-9 in favor of LCCC1. FOTS was able to take the lead by the slimmest of margins, scoring 4 runs to go ahead 13-12. LCCC1's final at-bat was exciting. With one out and runners on first and second, a fly ball was hit to Matt. The runner on second tagged and Matt threw a bullet to Ben who tagged the runner up high but his foot was on the bag. It was a bang-bang play that ended up being very important. The next batter hit a single to right center and Alan made a great throw to home but it was not in time and LCCC1 tied the game. The next batter hit a fly ball to left and Matt squeezed it to preserve the tie.

Stats Highlights for Goodfellas
Best Batting Avg: Mike - 1.000
Best Slugging Pct: Mike - 3.286!!!
Most RBIs: Mike - 13
Home Runs: Mike (4), Chris (3), David (1), Greg (1)
Triples: Ball (2), Greg (2), Mike (1), Perry (1)
Most Doubles: Chris - 4
Most Runs Scored: Ball, Chris - 8 each

Stats Highlights for FOTS
Best Batting Avg: Matt V, Jefe - .800
Best Slugging Pct: Matt V - 1.600
Most RBIs: Robeau - 6
Home Runs: Matt M (2), Robeau (2), Matt V (1)
Triples: Greg, Dwayne - 1 each
Doubles: Matt V, Moe - 1 each
Most Runs Scored: Matt M - 5
Most Walks: Ben - 3
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013
And They're Off! Summer Season Starts!
Goodfellas started the evening with two really good games against League City Church of Christ #1 at the Baybrook field. In the first game, LCCC1 jumped out to a 9-2 lead after two innings. Goodfellas blazed back into the game with a 12 run third which LCCC1 followed up with 4 runs of their own in the bottom half. So going into the fourth and final inning, Goodfellas held a 14-13 lead. In the top of the inning, Goodfellas were able to tack on another 4 runs for a five run lead. Unfortunately LCCC1 had the hot bats and they scored a couple of runs before loading the bases and then smacking a grand slam for the walk-off victory.

The second game started off much like the first. LCCC1 10-0 after two innings and 10-5 after the third. Then after giving up 6 more in the top of the fourth, Goodfellas stormed right back with a 10 run inning to pull within one run. Goodfellas were able to hold LCCC1 to a single run in the top of the fifth, so they came up to bat needing two to tie and three to win. Perry led off with a single. Greg nearly tied the game on a deep shot that hit the top of the fence. LCCC1 was able to get the ball in quickly and hold Greg to a double and keep Perry on 3rd. Stan hit a sacrifice fly to score Perry and advance Greg to 3rd. John came up and smacked a clutch single to right field to score Greg for the tie. Unfortunately that was the end of the scoring for Goodfellas as they walked away with a tie 17-17.

FOTS kicked off their season against Baybrook Baptist at the Webster field. Baybrook took the early lead with 3 runs in the first and 3 more in the second to take a 6-3 lead going into the third. FOTS held BB to a goose egg in the top of the third and then put up 7 runs for a lead they would not relinquish. Each team scored a run in the fourth and BB only scored 1 in the fifth and time ran out while FOTS was batting as the home team in the fifth. FOTS wins 11-8.

The second game was a blowout against League City Church of Christ #2. FOTS put up 11 in the first inning, going nine batters before getting an out. They followed that with 6 more in the second, each time holding LCCC2 to zero runs. The third inning was pretty much a formality as FOTS put up one more run and again held LCCC2 scoreless for a 18-0 run-rule victory.

Stats Highlights for Goodfellas
Best Batting Avg: Perry, Mike - .857
Best Slugging Pct: Mike - 1.429
Most RBIs: Greg - 9
Home Runs: Mike, Ball, Michael, David - 1 each
Triples: Stan, Greg - 1 each
Most Doubles: Greg - 4
Most Runs Scored: Greg, Mike - 5 each

Stats Highlights for FOTS
Best Batting Avg: Dwayne, Robeau, Alan - .833
(NOTE Carlos batted 1.000 and slugged 3.000 but it was only one game, 2 at-bats)
Best Slugging Pct: Dwayne, Matt Mays - 1.667
Most RBIs: Matt Mays - 7
Home Runs: Matt Mays (2), Robeau (1), Carlos (1), Zach (1), Dwayne (1)
The ONLY Triple: Zach
Doubles out the Wazzoo: Alan (2), Dwayne (2), Carlos (1), Matt Veariel (1), Trey (1), Mason (1), Matt Mays (1), Moe (1) (The Mays Trifecta!)
Most Runs Scored: Alan - 5
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Tuesday, June 04, 2013
FOTS Finishes Strong (Rainout Makeup)
FOTS had one game left to play last night and they closed out their stellar season with a win over Baybrook Baptist in walk-off fashion (with a little help from some Goodfellas).

Things started off pretty good as FOTS held BB to zero runs in their first at-bat and then came out and scored 3 of their own. Then BB jumped out and scored 7 runs in the top of the second and then they returned the favor holding FOTS zero to take a 7-3 lead after two. FOTS showed some resolve and once again played some great defense to hold BB to zero and then turned around and scored 4 to tie the game. Each team scored 2 in the fourth setting up the epci showdown in the final inning. FOTS once again flashed some stellar D and held Baybrook to zero runs, so they only needed to score one run to win the game.

Robeau led off with a single and Mason followed up with a double but BB got the ball in quickly to prevent Robeau from scoring. After an out and then a walk for Jeff, Perry came up to bat with the bases loaded. Ripped a classic Perry single just to the right of center field to score Robeau for the winning run!

Stats Highlights for FOTS
Best Batting Avg: Alan, Mason, Nathan - 1.000
Best Slugging Pct: Nathan - 2.333
Most RBIs: Nathan - 3
Home Runs: Nathan - 1
The ONLY Triple: Nelson
Doubles: Mason (2), Alan (1), Nathan (1)
Most Runs Scored: Nathan - 3
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Monday, June 03, 2013
Goodfellas Fizzle in the Tourney
Goodfellas were hoping to make it a FBCF sweep for the Spring season, but they fell apart on defense and then couldn't produce enough runs to pull out the wins they needed.

In game one, things started off pretty well against Baybrook Baptist. Each team scored 3 in the first and then Baybrook scored 4 in the top of the 2nd. Goodfellas answered with 7 runs of their own to take a 10-7 lead they would never relinquish. They scored 5 more runs while holding Baybrook scoreless the rest of the way to take a 15-7 victory in the first game.

Goodfellas had to turn around and play the very next game against League City Church of Christ and the wheels just fell off the cart. After two innings it was 4-0 in favor of LCCC and then it seemed the Keystone Kops took over for the Goodfellas on defense. LCCC scored 13 runs in the top of the 3rd and at least half of them were given up on errors in the field. Even so, Goodfellas could only muster one run for the whole game and that's not gonna cut it regardless how bad the defense is!

Next up was a great back and forth game against Clear Lake Baptist. It started off slow with Goodfellas leading 2-1 after the first inning, then the scoring picked up. Goodfellas again one upped CLB in the second and came away leading 7-5. CLB then put up 6 runs in the 3rd and held Goodfellas scoreless to take a 11-7 lead. Goodfellas chipped away at the lead in the 4th scoring 5 runs to CLBs 3 to crawl within 2. CLB added 2 more in the top of the 5th and so Goodfellas came to bat in the bottom of the inning needed 4 to tie and 5 to win.

Heath led off with a single and Ball followed with a single as well. Greg smacked a double to score Heath and Ball and bring Goodfellas within 2. Sumrall then tied the game up with a 2 run homer to left center! No outs and only needing one run to win, Goodfellas could not produce another hit the rest of the game. On to extra innings! The extra inning was heartbreaking for the Goodfellas in many ways. First off, CLB scored two runs when Heath and Guidry collided in the outfield - keep Guidry in your prayers as he broke his wrist and cracked his ribs on the play. So now Goodfellas needed 2 more to tie or 3 to win. The short version is this - two bad calls (a flat 3rd strike call and a throw out at third) and the inning was over with no runs scored and Goodfellas lost a heartbreaker to end their day.

Stats Highlights for Goodfellas Tournament
Best Batting Avg: Heath - .800
Best Slugging Pct: Sumrall - 2.000
Most RBIs: Greg - 12
Home Runs: Sumrall (3), Greg (2)
The ONLY Triple: Greg
Most Doubles: Mike - 3
Most Runs Scored: Heath, Greg - 6 each
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