Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Fellowship of the Swing brought some confidence into week two while Goodfellas had the week off with a bye. That confidence would not be shaken on this night.

FOTS started off the night as the home team against Baybrook. Behind some solid defense, they held BB to 3 runs while scoring 4 themselves in the first inning. Not a bad start, but as we would see.....the second inning was where it all happened for FOTS this evening. FOTS sent 14 batters to the plate in the second inning and scored 10 runs after holding BB to a goose egg. Each team scored 3 in the 3rd so going into the 4th it was 17-6 in favor of FOTS. Once again the defense did its job and held BB to no runs. As home team, FOTS only needed one run for the run-rule (ahead by 12 after 4 innings). Bandini led off the inning with a sharp single. Greg followed that up with a liner to right that got past everyone, allowing Bandini to score the game winner!

Believe it or not, FOTS was only warming up.

Game two was against the formidable League City Church of Christ team. They were missing a couple of key players, but their line up is still pretty potent. Tonight they were not potent enough, it is likely nobody could have been potent enough. Things started off innocently enough with FOTS putting up 4 in the first again, this time as the visitors. LCCC answered with 2 and unbeknownst to them, the 2nd inning bombshell was about to drop. Ben led off with a single and ended up batting 3 times in the inning. All in all FOTS sent 24 batters to the plate and scored 20 runs in the inning! Everyone was smacking the ball around! There were 6 home runs in the inning (3 rollers and 3 clearing the hill), 2 doubles, a triple, and a ton of well hit singles. LCCC came up to bat for the home 2nd down 24-2 and they were obviously deflated. They didn't score any runs and the umps flipped the inning to allow them to bat again to speed the game up. They squeaked out 2 more runs for a final score of 24-4.

For those keeping score at home, that's 2 run-rules and a walk-off grand slam in the first four games for FOTS. Not too shabby!

Stats Highlights for FOTS
Best Batting Avg: Ben, Matt - 1.000
Best Slugging Pct: Matt (1 game only) - 3.00, Robeau (2 games) - 2.500
Most RBIs: Robeau - 8
Home Runs: Robeau (3), Matt (2), Nathan (2), Andrew (1), Greg (1), Mason (1)
Doubles: Bandini, Greg, Andrew, Zach
Triples: Ben, Nelson, Robeau, Zach
Most Runs Scored: Ben, Robeau, Mason - 5 each

If you're wondering where 24 runs stands in the recorded history of FBCF softball, it is tied for 6th best (since 2006 when stats began being recorded). Here are the games where an FBCF team has scored 24 or more runs:

7/17/200634 runsFBCF vs. Heritage ParkWIN
3/29/201029 runsPosse vs. FBC DickinsonWIN
5/2/201127 runsPosse vs. GoodfellasWIN
5/2/201126 runsPosse vs. Baybrook BaptistTIE
6/6/201126 runsFOTS vs. Clear Lake BaptistWIN
4/26/201026 runsPosse vs. FBC DickinsonWIN
6/25/201125 runsGoodfellas vs. Clear Lake BaptistWIN (tourney)
3/25/201324 runs *FOTS vs. League City Church of ChristWIN
7/25/201124 runsGoodfellas vs. Baybrook BaptistWIN
6/21/201024 runsPosse vs. Southeast Church of ChristLOSS
5/24/201024 runsPosse vs. GoodfellasWIN
* Could have scored more runs, but inning was flipped to save time
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013
2013 Season Off to a Good Start!
The Goodfellas and Fellowship of the Swing led off their 2013 campaigns yesterday and for the most part it was all good news! FOTS started off the night with a pretty decent offensive display for the first game back, scoring 13 runs to take down Clear Lake Baptist 13-4.

The Goodfellas did not get off to such a good start. The rust was caked on and baked on and they could not even muster a single run as they got run-ruled by League City Church of Christ 15-0.

However, someone must have broken out the rust-o-leum between games because the Goodfellas found their swings. Playing just enough good defense, they were able to hold off CLB 14-10.

In the final game of the evening, it was a back and forth affair between FOTS and LCCC, possibly setting the tone for the rest of the season. It seemed that each time one team would score, the other team would come right back and match it. After 4 innings the score was tied 11-11. As the home team, FOTS took the field needing a defensive stop. They got exactly that as Carlos made a great throw to the plate and Zach applied the tag to save a run on the second out of the inning. FOTS forced the third out without allowing a run and came up to bat needing a single run to win the game. Carlos started things off with a single, Ben followed with a single and then Alan loaded the bases with yet another single. With the outfield drawn in, Mason came to bat and launched a moon ball walk-off grand slam to put the finishing touches on a great evening!

Stats Highlights for FOTS
Best Batting Avg: Robeau, Nelson - .833
Best Slugging Pct: Andrew - 1.667
Most RBIs: Mason - 8
Home Runs: Andrew, Mason, Matt, Nathan, Nelson (1 each)
Most Doubles: Matt - 2
The Only Triple: Robeau
Most Runs Scored: Nelson - 5

Stats Highlights for Goodfellas
Best Batting Avg: Sumrall - 1.000
Best Slugging Pct: Greg - 2.667
Most RBIs: Perry - 4
Home Runs: Greg (2), Sumrall (1), Perry (1)
The Only Triple: Guidry
Most Runs Scored: Heath - 3
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