Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Stats Highlights from the Tournament
Best Batting Avg (2 games min): Josh - .923
Best Slugging Pct (2 games min): Nathan - 1.647
Most Home Runs: Greg - 3
Most RBIs: Raul, Greg - 12
Most Runs Scored: Josh - 10
Most Triples: Nathan - 5
Most Doubles: Dwayne - 5
Most Walks: Raul - 4
Most Unknown Phone Numbers: Shane - 1
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Sunday, June 26, 2011
Congrats FOTS! Tourney Champs!
After an up and down season for the FOTS the Spring Season Tournament held true to that theme. After playing their way into the #1 tournament seed they started off on the wrong foot getting trounced by the hot-hitting Goodfellas team, losing 15-3 in their first game. After 2 games off to think about it and lick their wounds they ratcheted up the defense and came back strong outscoring the opposition 45-20 in three straight games eliminating 2 teams from the tourney and handing Baybrook Baptist their first loss of the day. The "if" game finale against Baybrook Baptist was filled with drama and close calls as Baybrook jumped out to an early 11-2 lead, but in the end the FOTS outlasted the host church and scored the go-ahead run in the last at-bat to take the championship game 15-14. Big thanks goes out to Dwayne, Perry, and Matt for coming out to play with the FOTS! Congratulations boys!

The Goodfellas started off hot with a looooong 25-23 victory over Clear Lake Baptist. They kept the bats going and turned in some solid defense in their next game vs. FOTS as noted above. After that, they were scoring runs but the defense just made a few too many errors and gave away too many runs. They lost their next game against Baybrook 11-9 and then were eliminated by FOTS 12-11 to end up third place in the tourney.

Some FOTS highlights included a couple of fantastic plays by Carlos at shortstop. In one play he came shooting across the infield as a rocket shot ricocheted off the pitcher's glove. Carlos fielded the ball from practically deep 2nd base and made the throw at 1st for the out. he also made an awesome leaping grab in one of the chamionship games. Ben made a super sweet scoop at first to save an out early in the tourney.

Goodfellas highlights include:
Scoring 25 runs in one game
Taki with an inside the park 3 run home run
John Ellisor with a clutch RBI double in their elimination game (Ellisor also had a triple earlier in the tourney....all on a bad hip!)
Noel had a 3 RBI double in the elimination game
JP made an amazing catch in the outfield with full extension on a dead run toward the fence
Taki made a great running catch soming in from right field in the elimination game
Mike and Greg both had leaping catches in the infield (yes....Greg did get off the ground, barely)
"Does anyone have Shane's new phone number?"
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Stats Highlights from Week 1
Best Batting Avg: Josh, Matt, Raul - 1.000
Most Home Runs: Nathan, Greg, Raul - 2
Most RBIs: Jonathan, Nathan - 8
Most Runs Scored: Raul - 7
Best Slugging Pct: Nathan, Greg, Raul - 2.000
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011
New Season Has Begun!
The Summer 2011 season kicked off last night with several good games! The Goodfellas got the season rolling with a nice little come from behind win against Clear Lake Baptist. FOTS followed it up with a come from behind win of their own against the Goodfellas! After that, FOTS capped the night with a 21-12 thumping of LCCC.

Tourney for the Spring season begins this Saturday at 9:00 AM at Baybrook Baptist Church. Come out and join us for a fun day!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Stats Highlights from Week 10
Best Batting Avg: Greg - 1.000
Home Runs: Mason and Brian
Most RBIs: David - 5 (including walk-off game winner vs. Baybrook)
Most Runs Scored: Nathan - 5
Most Doubles: Dwayne - 2
Most Triples: Greg - 2
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Tournament - Saturday June 25
I have posted the potential scheduled start times for each team in the tournament on Saturday June 25. I say potential because there is a chance LCCC may not be able to field a team so I don't know if Danny will move some of the games up if that is the case.

We will email official game times as soon as we know what they are.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Spring Season Finale
All 3 FBCF teams were in action last night and it turned out to be a good set of games!

Goodfellas got stomped by FOTS in the first game. But the second game was a doozy between Goodfellas and Posse. In the end the Posse came out on top 11-9.

After that, FOTS made a great comeback to win against Baybrook Baptist on a walk off single up the middle by Doc Thibodeaux. The night kinda fizzled though when LCCC could only get 4 players to show up, so Posse ended their season with a forfeit.
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Wednesday, June 08, 2011
Stats Highlights from Week 9
Best Batting Avg: Brian - .875
Most RBIs: Carlos - 11
Most Triples: Greg - 3
Home Runs: Raul, Heath, Taki, Zach
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FOTS Wins Big, Goodfellas Split
Monday night belonged to FOTS as they finally finished off two games in a row for a double victory. Not only that, both were run-rule games: 12-0 vs LCCC and 26-8 vs. CLB. Nice job!

Goodfellas could not find their bats vs. Baybrook but were able to score enough and play some good defense to take one from CLB for the split.
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Wednesday, June 01, 2011
Stats Highlights from Week 7
Best Batting Avg: Scott - 1.000
Best Batting Avg without 5 walks: Mason - .833
Most Walks: Scott - 5
Most Triples: Bryant - 3
Only Home Run: Raul
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