Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Stats Upgrade
The stats page has been upgraded to allow viewing of past seasons as well as "career" stats. I have data all the way back to the Summer of 2006 loaded. I believe I also have some 2005 data but it is in a separate table and I need to see if I can migrate it into the current tables. Go check it out!
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Friday, April 16, 2010
Goodfellas Almost Win, Posse Wins Two
The Goodfellas played Hope Lutheran for one game at Baybrook Baptist on Monday and could not muster enough offense while losing 10-8. Two innings of 3 outs in a row as well as a third inning with 3 outs in 4 at-bats sealed the deal.

The Posse won both of their games at Webster field. They played the 2 teams from League City Church of Christ and won the first game 20-10 and the second game 11-7. Way to go guys!
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Tuesday, April 06, 2010
Goodfellas Get a Split
The Goodfellas were in action last night and had a very Jekyll and Hyde type of night. In game 1 the hitting was superb, the defense was pretty good and The Goodfellas rolled to a 14-2 victory over Clear Lake Baptist. Game 2 was a totally different story. The bats went silent. A few defensive lapses caused extended innings and The Goodfellas experienced the epitome of "turnabout is fair play" in getting blanked by Baybrook Baptist 16-0.
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