Tuesday, March 31, 2009
And So It Begins
We played our first set of games last night with a mixed bag of results.

The Posse jumped out to a 2-0 start by drumming Hope Lutheran in their first game and then following that up with a nice win over newcomers Southeast Church of Christ.

The Goodfellas kicked their season off with a last at-bat walk off homer from Matt Ball to gain a victory over Hope Lutheran 11-9. The offense reverted back to anemic for the second game as The Goodfellas fell to St. Mary's Catholic 13-4.

In a disappointing turnout, The Fellowship of the Swing had to forfeit their game due to not having enough players show up. I will be looking over the rosters this week to see if maybe we need to move some players around to guarantee we have enough showing up on each team.

Schedule and stats have been updated and posted.
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Thursday, March 19, 2009
Gentlemen, we have a start date!
Talked to Danny tonight. League is scheduled to start Monday March 30. Right now he has 8 teams returning plus the possibility of a 9th if SE Church of Christ decides to join. In order to reduce BYE weeks he is looking to play 2 games a night at Baybrook (possibly starting a little earlier to make sure we get them both in before dark) and then the other 5 games at Webster on the same schedule we have always used - 6:30, 7:20, 8:10, 9:00, 9:50.

PRACTICE - Sunday afternoons @ 2pm at the Friendswood Junior High. We try to be done by 4 to allow people to get ready for their small groups that meet on Sunday nights.

GAMES - Monday nights starting at 6:30 (possibly earlier for Baybrook games). Last game starts at 9:50. Fields are: Webster field behind Sports Authority, by the water tower near the hospital AND possibly Baybrook Baptist down the road from Clear Brook High School.

COST - To be determined. I will let you guys know what it will be as soon as I can.

Below are the teams as best as I could divide them up. I had 43 guys on my list so I did 2 teams of 14 and another with 15, however these numbers include some guys who are still away at college but will likely play when they come home. Also, Fritts says he is not likely to get to play much so we may need to recruit one or two more guys for that team.

I am adding 3 subs to each team, mostly pitchers. If anyone is listed as a sub and they DO NOT want to sub, please let me know ASAP. Subs are listed just in case there is a week with a lot of guys out from a team so we can at least field a full team of 10.

The Goodfellas
Coach: Greg Lowery
Josh Pavelka
Joel Pavelka
Bruce Pavelka
Matt Ball
Stephen Feith
Shane Peck
Kevin McCombs
Dave Schmidt
Stan Hill
John Ellisor
Scott Guidry
Mike Lindsey

The Posse
Coach: Moe Mays
Matt Mays
Mason Mays
Justin Kimble
Kyle Moses
Bob Scherrer
Jeremy Pratt
Dwayne Green
Ben Fultz
Michael Loy
Todd Carson
Richard Copeland
Ben Forester

The Fellowship of the Swing
Coach: Josh Fritts
Coach: Aaron Cummings
Kyle Robeau
Roger Banks
Wayne Simmons
Carlos Lockler
Joel Dickerson
Chris Gleeson
Josh Knox
Stanton House
Walter Brown
Ken Ferguson
Adam Richards
Ben Forester
Mike Lindsey

Looking forward to another fun season!
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