Monday, May 19, 2008
The Fellowship hangs on for a win!
In the last game of the night, The Fellowship of the Swing was able to build a big enough lead and hang on for a one run victory over Clear Lake Baptist. There were 2 big plays in the game. One was Dwayne's 3 run homer to help pad their lead. And then in the last inning Kyle made a spectacular catch while backing up for Stephen in right center field. The ball bounced off Stephen's hand and Kyle was there to make the grab for the second out. Rick stabbed a line drive up the middle for the final out to seal the victory 8-7.

In their first game, The Fellowship jumped out with a nine run first inning but could only muster two more runs the rest of the game. League City Church of Christ continued their dominance and ended up winning that one.

In the early games The Goodfellas had a chance to take down Bay Area Baptist but could not pull it off. In a very low scoring affair, The Goodfellas were up 5-1 as the home team and were up to bat with 3 minutes to play. Everyone was instructed to take pitches to try and run out the clock, but Bay Area's pitcher kept throwing strikes and was able to retire 3 in a row to give them another at-bat. They scored 5 runs to take a 6-5 lead and The Goodfellas could not push another run across in their last at-bat.

In a disturbing trend The Goodfellas were again unable to put many runs on the board in their second game and lost to LC Church of Christ by quite a few runs.....having only scored 4 themselves in that game. Only scoring 5 and 4 runs per game is not going to net a whole lot of wins!
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008
The Posse earns two splits with one win
Monday night The Posse played the first game pretty well, but not quote good enough for the victory over the tough League City Church of Christ team. LCCoC jumped out to a quick 6-0 lead in their first at bat but The Posse came back with 4 runs of their own to keep it close. The middle innings saw the game tied at 6-6 and then tied again at 7-7. LCCoC busted out with 6 more runs in their last at bat and The Posse could only counter with 2 of their own and ended up losing a hard fought battle 13-9.

The Goodfellas had a rough night with the offense struggling and the defense not really helping all that much. Dwayne Green came in and did a great job pitching but the D just couldn't make the plays behind him. This pretty much sealed the deal on two losses for The Goodfellas.

So....that means The Posse got the win in their last game of the night since they played The Goodfellas. It was a pretty sound whipping. With the victory, The Posse evened up their record for the season against The Goodfellas at 1-1 and also earned a split in their games for the evening.

Special kudos to Mason who showed up this week ready to play at second base. Mason was a one-man out-making-machine against The Goodfellas as seemingly everything that was hit to him he scooped up and made an out. Nice job Mason, welcome back!
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Saturday, May 10, 2008
Celebrate with your mother!
No practice this Sunday. Go spend some time with your mother if you are able!
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Monday, May 05, 2008
Everyone has a victory!
The Posse and the newly dubbed Fellowship of the Swing went a combined 3 out of 4 in their games tonight. So now all 3 of our teams have at least one victory.

The Posse got things going by defeating Clear Lake Baptist with 10 runs and some solid defense. Moe Mays almost hit for the cycle, he would have needed a single had he made it to a fourth at-bat. The Posse showed a little power tonight as well as they collected 3 home runs from Moe, Mike Lindsey, and John Canales. The Posse got their second win with a forfeit as St. Mary's only had 6 guys ready to play at game time.

The Fellowship of the Swing got off on the right foot by also scoring 10 runs and holding Clear Lake Baptist down with some decent defense. Unfortunately they ran up against a white hot Baybrook Baptist team who took them out in their second game.

NOTE: Strange things are afoot in the schedule. You'll see some games with -12:00 PM start times. Those are games that are already in the books due to us adding the third team. So essentially The Goodfellas get a free victory over The Fellowship guys and The Fellowship started the season with 2 losses.
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Sunday, May 04, 2008
New Pictures Posted
Go check out the Gallery for a TON of new pictures from week 4. I encourage anyone who takes pictures at the games to send me copies of the pics so I can post them in our gallery. Many thanks to Jacki for taking all the awesome pictures this week. ENJOY!
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