Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Goodfellas split, Team 3 sputters
It was a crisp cool evening tonight, perfect for a little softball. The Goodfellas got things going with a defensive battle that was a 1-1 tie thru about 4 innings. Then in the last few innings each team scored some runs but the Goodfellas came out on top 7-5.

Next up, Team 3 scored some runs, nine to be exact, but could not stop the LC Church of Christ juggernaut. I don't know what the final was but it was not too close.

The Goodfellas tried to make a rally in their second game but could not come up with more than one big inning. Despite scoring 10 runs, they were defeated.

In the final game of the night, Team 3 again put up nine runs but again could not keep their opponent from scoring more. Some defensive practice will help both teams as the season progresses.

Some of the highlights include home runs from Aaron, Greg, Moe, and Josh Fritts. Thomas Seith made his debut by going 4 for 4 and scoring two runs. Despite an overall poor defensive performance, there were some good plays in the field. Matt Ball mad a great throw from first to third to log a double play for the Goodfellas. Stephen Feith made two great plays for outs from the catcher position for Team 3. And speaking of catchers, The Goodfellas all-star Joel again showed his cat-like quickness to make a couple of great plays for outs at the catcher position.

The schedule has been updated for next weeks games. At this point we don't know the rest of the schedule. As soon as we get the full list of games, they will be posted. Stats have also been updated.

Practice at 2pm at the Junior High on Sunday. Expect to do some fielding practice this week.
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Monday, April 28, 2008
Contact Form Fixed
I know some of you have tried to use the contact form from this site and that it was not working. I fixed it today so you may now contact me via the Contact Coach link on the left.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Three's Company?
For the first time ever FBCF softball will consist of 3 teams. John Ellisor will come out of "retirement" to coach our third team which will need to be given a name.

On Monday we realized we had 35 players on the roster with a 36th planning on being home from college soon. That's just too many people to have on two teams so we're splitting for the second year in a row.

We think we have a pretty good solution that keeps a lot of the key relationships together, gives each team enough players for all the positions, and also spreads out the talent pretty evenly. Each team has 12 players plus 3 subs from the other teams (as allowed in the rules). Here are the new proposed rosters:

The Goodfellas:
Bruce PavelkaNoel Hull
Dave SchmidtJoel Pavelka
Matt BallStan Hill
Shane PeckJosh Pavelka
Greg LoweryJason Youngblood
Taki "Docky"Roy Hall

SUBS: Moe Mays, Aaron Cummings, Kyle Robeau

The Posse:
Moe MaysMike Lindsey
Scott PattersonJohn Canales
Kyle MosesMike Morris
David BelkMatt Parker
Eric RumbaughStephen Gandara
Bruce SmileyMason Mays

SUBS: Greg Lowery, Matt Ball, John Ellisor

Team 3:
John EllisorRick Pitman
Kevin McCombsDwayne Green
Thomas SeithKyle Robeau
Ben FultzAaron Cummings
Josh FrittsScott Guidry
Richard CopelandStephen Feith

SUBS: Moe Mays, Stan Hill, Eric Rumbaugh

We're still waiting on the new schedule to come out. As soon as I get it I will let everyone know and post the updates in the schedule section. Looking forward to a great new era in FBCF softball!!!
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
The Dirty Dozen
The Posse had a rough go of it last night. The bats could not get going and the defense was not exactly stellar. The first game was a run rule after 4 innings of being shut out 12-0. Game two started off promising with three runs scored in the first inning but again the bats fell silent and St. Mary's ran off 15 runs to again defeat the Posse by an even dozen.

So.....practice this Sunday at 2pm at the Friendswood Junior High for anyone who can make it! We will definitely do some fielding practice as well as try to train our bats to hit line drive singles.

See you there!

PS NOTE: Danny mentioned last night that the schedule will likely be changing so keep an eye out for schedule updates. I will post them as soon as I get them from Danny and will also send out an email letting everyone know about the changes.
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Thursday, April 17, 2008
Week 2 is in the books......sort of
The Posse finally got to get on the field and start playing and then in game 2 they had to stop play because the sprinkler system decided to come on in the middle of the game! What a way to end the evening! That particular game will be continued/finished on one of the last days of the season. The Posse was up 10-6 with only 5 minutes to play, however Baybrook Baptist had men on base and were also the home team.....so we're hoping when play resumes that The Posse can hold on for the victory.

In the first game of the night, The Goodfellas lost by a single run to the St. Mary's Catholic team. It was a hard fought game and we finally busted out with some run scoring in the game, but couldn't push those last runs across in our final at bat. We lost 14-13.

Game two of the evening was the first FBCF showdown for this year. The Goodfellas again were able to put up plenty of runs and ended up winning the game 12-7.

Then came the "sprinkler game". The Posse got their bats going in the second inning and at one point batted 10 players without making an out! As soon as I find out when the conclusion of that game will be played, I will post the update here.

We had another great turnout of supporters and hope to see everyone back again every week! It's really a great time hanging out with everyone!
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Tuesday, April 08, 2008
And We're Off!!! Team Rosters Set
Our season started with a whimper tonight. We really did not hit all that well (typical for us at the beginning of the season) and our defense was not all that great either. But we had fun, we're playing, and we have a lot of new guys that we're looking forward to fellowship with as the season moves along.

In summary - we lost both games. First one was a blowout loss. Second was more respectable....I think we only lost by 2 runs in the second game and had the tying run at the plate but could not pull it off.

We did nail down the team rosters tonight. Here they are:
The Goodfellas:
Josh FrittsNoel Hull
Dave SchmidtJoel Pavelka
Matt BallAaron Cummings
Shane PeckJosh Pavelka
Ben FultzRichard Copeland
Taki "Docky"Greg Lowery
Kyle RobeauStan Hill
Bruce Pavelka

The Posse:
Moe MaysMike Lindsey
John EllisorJohn Canales
Kyle MosesRick Pitman
Scott GuidryMatt Parker
Eric RumbaughDavid Belk
Jason YoungbloodKevin McCombs
Mike MorrisScott Patterson
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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Rained Out :(
Games were rained out last night. Will play same schedule next Monday April 7. We'll practice Sunday afternoon at 2pm at the Friendswood Junior High.
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