Saturday, March 31, 2007
Season delayed
I heard from Danny late this past week and we will NOT be starting games up this coming week. This is generally pretty standard procedure as it seems like the first start date always gets postponed every season.

The good news is that means we can get more practice in before the games begin. Tomorrow's practice may be in jeopardy due to all the rain we are getting now. We'll just have to see if the field is dry by tomorrow afternoon.

So for now plan on getting your car washed at the student ministry car wash, grab a couple of tacos while you wait, and then head over to the field behind the junior high for some batting practice.

See you there!
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Monday, March 26, 2007
My wife says nobody came to get the practice stuff, so I assume nobody got any swings in this past Sunday?

Well, either way we will be practicing this coming Sunday at 2pm. I know the Student Ministry car wash is this Sunday so get in line early, get your car clean and then head over to the field behind the Friendswood Junior High. Presumably the season is supposed to start next week but I have not heard from Danny in a while. Of course I will keep you posted as soon as I hear something.
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Monday, March 19, 2007
Practice this week
Ok let's get the ball rolling with a little practice this week. Sunday afternoon at 2pm at the field behind the Friendswood Junior High - across the street from the bus barn.

Originally I was going to be gone last week, but instead it will be this week. Don't let that stop you guys from practicing. I will get the equipment to someone so that you will have all the balls for batting practice.

It's looking like we will have a good amount of players signed up, including a few new ones. As noted in an email update sent tonight, we are losing our MVP from last season as Dave is taking a new job in West Texas. We're sad to see him go but will be wishing him the best of luck and keeping him in our prayers.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Season Starts week of 4/1

Danny called yesterday and he is planning on starting up the league on Monday and Tuesday nights the first week of April. We will be playing at Baybrook Baptist again which means that the first game will be early - 6:15 PM - with the second game immediately following. This is because there are no lights at that field so we will need to finish before it gets dark.

He will call me to let me know when our first game is, whether it is on Monday or Tuesday. We did not talk about the price of the league but I am sure it is about the same as always which means everyone will need to pitch in about $40 or so if we get about 13 that sign up to play. Right now I have exactly 13 people who have said they want to play.

I have not heard from anyone about practicing this coming Sunday so unless someone takes charge of that, then our first practice will be Sunday March 25 which will give us 2 Sundays worth of batting practice before the games start.
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