Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Another week......
Mediocrity reigned this week as the offense was nothing to sneeze at and we also had our fair share of defensive gaffes. Game 2 we had our chances but gave up too many runs in the late innings. Now granted a couple of those innings the other team was smacking line drive after line drive. Once again we did not break double digits in runs which never helps.

So add two in the "L" column. Let's try to get a good practice in this weekend if we can. We're off next week and then finish the season with 2 weeks agains Heritage Park. The tournament will be Saturday July 22: all day, double elimination.
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Two wins in one night!!
Yes you read it right. That is not a misprint. We actually won two games in one night tonight. The first game was not very impressive....so let's just not talk about it. Game 2 however we finally had some solid hits and together with some poor fielding by our opponents, we were able to bust out for 17 runs. I think the final in that game was 17-0 or 17-1. We played decent defense as well. It helped that we had Noel there to pitch which allowed Moe to play third base.

We were handed the standings before the game and not surprisingly we were in last place. But the team we played tonight was only a game ahead of us and now that we beat them twice it means we are no longer cellar dwellers! HOORAY!

No games next week. Sunday is Father's Day so no practice either. We'll practice on Sunday June 25 before our next games.
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
After a week off, offense improves, defense plummets
We actually scored a few runs this week.....but we could not stop the other team to save our lives. I don't know for sure how many errors we committed as a team, but it would be pretty close to being at least one error per person. It was a total team effort in defensive ineptitude. We had a chance to win the last game as it was 13-15 and we had the last at bat.....but we couldn't get it done. It was nice to actually score more than 6 runs for a change though!
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