Tuesday, May 23, 2006
More Offensive Woes
Once again this week we could not muster more than 6 runs in a game. The frustrating part about it is we seem to jump out to a good start and then just stop hitting after the first inning. In fact I am pretty sure the second game this week we scored all six of our runs in the first inning and then did not score again after that.

So in summary we lost both games. The first was 7-6 and I think the second was 12-6 or 15-6 or something like that, I didn't catch the final score. We've had good turnout of players as well as supporters! Thanks to everyone who comes out to watch us play, it's fun having everyone there! Hopefully we can win a game for you guys sometime soon.

Remember that next week we are off again.
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Thursday, May 11, 2006
Photo Gallery Added
Click the Gallery button on the left side to catch a glimpse of our ugly mugs.....if you dare! Thanks to Stephanie for taking the pictures.
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Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Better D, Poorer O
We reverted to the team of last season tonight. We played pretty good defense (not great) and struggled to score runs. We won the first game and I think the score was 7-4 or 7-5 or something. The second game was a tie, 6-6. We really should have won that second game too, even with only 6 runs. We had more defensive gaffes that game than the first. The first game we actually played pretty good defense.

So at least we got off the 0-fer. We have a bye next week and Sunday is Mother's Day so no practice. With our new prospective pastor coming the following Sunday I doubt we will get any practice in that day either, but we will see. Next games are on Tuesday May 23.
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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
New Year - New Season - FINALLY!!
Our first games were last night. Once again we are playing in Danny's league, except the Webster field is still under construction so we are playing at Baybrook Baptist's field which has no lights. So each week its a double header starting at 6:15 and trying to get finished before dark.

Last night we actually did pretty well offensively, scoring double digit runs in both games. However Baybrook beat us both games. First game was 17-15 and second game was 14-13. I was proud of our young guys, the batting practice we've had seemed to have helped. We just need a little work on defense.

Practice this Sunday at 2:00pm at the Friendswood Junior High. Next week we play Calvary Chapel starting Tuesday at 6:15. See you there!
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